Galeria [EN] Centrum Adopcyjne [EN]

There are no concrete boxes, no bars - there is a substitute for home, a couch and love.

Every day we encounter the suffering of animals.
Tortured, victims of gunshots, neglected to the extreme, thrown out of the house like an unnecessary thing. Their entire life is often the length of a chain. All over the world, such animals end up behind bars in shelters, where the suffering that has already begun deepens. We are tired of seeing this vicious circle. We want something better and more for them.

The Adoption Center is not only about treatment, rehabilitation, care and responsible adoptions, but also the implementation of huge projects that aim to change shelter standards - Dog Village, Dog's Village Concept, Cat Empire - these are places that show that it is possible to do otherwise.
There are no concrete boxes here, no bars - but there is a substitute for home, a couch and love that help overcome the shadows of the past.

Our adoptions reach far - from the other end of Poland, through other countries, to distant continents. This is true love that knows no limits!

Together we create stories full of hope in which every Being finds dream place in the world.